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October 9, 2021

Surrender Agreement Hong Kong Sample

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Under normal circumstances, both the lessor and the lessee cannot terminate the rental agreement before the expiry, unless one of them has breached the main contractual conditions (e.g. B the tenant does not pay the rent or the landlord illegally reintegrates the property). However, early termination may be possible with the existence of an interruption clause in force (see more under real estate agreements > landlords and tenants > renewal issues. A lessor and an intentional tenant may enter into a lease themselves before the execution of the rental contract. By signing this agreement, the proposed lessor agrees to give a lease in the future and the proposed tenant agrees to take over a lease in the future. If the lessor accepts a publication (tacit or intentional), the tenant will be exempted from the responsibility for the payment of rent and the execution of rental agreements in the future. There is no law that requires a party to be represented by a lawyer. This is because some people enter into standard leases without getting legal advice, or even reading the content of the contracts. If you had an agreement with your tenant, you have the right to compensate for any loss of rent resulting from the breach of this contract by your tenant.

In rental contracts, it is customary to list the “furniture of the lessor” that, when handing over the property, the tenant is “returned” after depreciation to the lessor (for example. B air conditioning systems, electrical/cooking/heating appliances, bath and sanitary taps, cabinets, doors and windows, etc.). Be careful. We recently found ourselves in a terrible situation with a terrible tenant. I will not go into details, but it is in our interest that he is gone. He offered to sign everything, return the keys and empty the property for a sum of money. (This was a reasonable amount, but much cheaper than a section 8 or 21. We have duly completed a letter of delivery indicating the legal situation, and the law normally considers it a legal document, since we both signed it and he returned the keys.

He said he would come back the next day to get his stuff back (what a mistake, we were dragged straight into it). We have already done this for tenants, sometimes because of rent arrears that we have waived to allow forgiveness, and sometimes real reasons because unexpected events have occurred in their lives, which we like to host and it has always worked well. This tenant left and we haven`t seen him in four days. He returned to the apartment and asked us for £400 more to take his belongings immediately and leave. I didn`t know what to do, so we called the police and showed them the capitulation letter. The tenant denied it was his signature and told police that he had drugged himself that day and did not remember anything. Police said the document was not legal and had to come from a court or, at the very least, a lawyer. They said not to give him any more money and to do it through a lawyer.

They asked us to leave. Outside, they said that it seemed like it was probably planned, and that he took advantage of our desire to get him out quickly to extort the original amount of money, and he always intended to come back for more money, but a little less than the previous era. We went to a lawyer and she said that in this case, a remission had to be signed with our lawyer and he had to hire another lawyer to sign the letter of delivery, so you would see that he had independent legal advice. . . .

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