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October 8, 2021

Sport Sponsorship Agreement Template

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What are the “mutual obligations” defined in a sponsorship agreement? You are, in all its aspects, the content of the sponsorship project that the potential sponsor acquires in accordance with the agreement. In short, they are the benefits that a team and an athlete will get, as well as the rights and duties that will go to both parties. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, many people come to us to ask for a sponsorship facsimile that they can edit and send to their clients for their referral agreements. Our recommendation – and this is the answer we always give – is to renounce at all costs the use of facsimile agreements. Other common things are the date on which the parties agree to conclude the contract, the names of the sponsor and Sponsee with their addresses, etc. To design the agreement, you can refer to the standard sponsorship contract available on the Internet. Check that you receive better offers from the sponsor and negotiate value-added items in your referral package. An experienced lawyer can be consulted to better negotiate. The agreement includes the various key elements such as the identification of the parties, the obligations of the promoter or company, the obligations of the sponsored sports person, mutual obligations, compensation, confidentiality clauses, violation of contractual rules and termination of the agreement, guarantees, etc. In short, a draft sponsorship agreement is also a model for an athlete sponsorship agreement in an open format.

You can enter the necessary details in the selected field and then simply upload them. Let`s start by finding that, in most cases, a sports sponsorship contract consists of a few fixed elements that can be summarized as follows: the sponsorship contract consists of the following points. this confidential instruction; The sponsorship contract is valid (date) between (name of the organizer) of a company that organizes and exists according to the laws of the state or province (steam / province), whose registered office is located at the full address and sponsor of a company that organizes and exists according to the laws of the state / province whose headquarters is located in the full address, during the company name. The organizer has the exclusive right to organize and organize an event (type) The persons involved in the agreement are the sponsor of the company and the individual sports personality or sports team. In principle, we believe that it is preferable, in any case, to have your sponsorship contract drawn up by a competent lawyer or a law firm specializing in this case.. . .

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