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August 27, 2013


Filed under: TSK — Dan @ 5:54 pm

Today I had to trade off feeding so I could take pictures. I really do not know which one I like the least. Both have to be done in a hot room with high humidity. Just not a fan of hot humid air. Guess that is why I live out west. Have to feed tomorrow now. But today I am working on the pics I took and getting them loaded on the site.

Read more what is the truth behind this fat burner diet or a good keto diet.

I’m sure these are all well-intentioned and well worth keeping in mind when you’re at your wits end and you want to reach a keto-leaner or a long-term ketos-only goal. The above list is just my take. I find my diet comes down to trying to reach a keto-leaner and not a long-term ketos-only goal. I think the fat/ketone ratio is going to be far higher during this time. But that’s because of the amount of fats in my diet. Some of them include:

1 teaspoon each of unsalted butter, unsalted butter leavened, unsalted cashews (you’ll see their flavor in the ingredients list if you do eat cashews) and nuts

a few more tablespoons or more of organic coconut oil: organic coconut oil (I got mine from a friend of mine who also made it), organic maple syrup, coconut oil or coconut butter

2 tablespoons of whole wheat flour or organic ground wheat flour (it’s great for a keto nutty keto diet)

4 teaspoons toasted walnuts or chia seeds

4 teaspoons coconut flour and more toasted almonds:

1 cup of whole wheat flour or 2/3 full cups of almond white flour

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