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April 8, 2021

Catering Framework Agreement

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We are pleased to inform you that the Recycling Bins – Street Furniture Framework has been awarded. We believe that the new framework will not only provide a greater choice of suppliers, but will also cover the requirements of our members. The framework is divided into the following lots: The framework has been renewed for its last year… Please provide us with any comments, good or bad, regarding supplier performance on the framework and any other feedback you deem relevant. All responses will be available at the review meeting our new service audit framework will be ready for November 2016. The above framework expires on March 31, 2016. We have decided that we will not renew this framework at this time. but… The latest voting results frame with details on how you vote yourself.

In order to take advantage of some of the executives listed below, CPC members must join TUCO AG and sign a commitment form. In addition to this framework, there are also frameworks for food, frozen foods, beverages, dairy products, disposable items, meat, fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and more. The new EU rules proactively promote increased commitment to SMEs, as the CPC has always done. In two frameworks recently implemented under the new EU rules, about one third of the selected suppliers declared themselves smed. We believe that this is a positive indication that our tendering process facilitates the participation of SMEs. The library resource contract has been renewed for the last year of the agreement until April 15, 2016 with the following suppliers… An update of our contracting team on our executives and our contracting pipeline. The Evaluation process for the Branded Hair Products framework is now complete.

Your feedback will help us make sure the frame is the best thing it can be for your bet. The use of a CPC framework avoids the need to invest in an electronic bidding system, as we offer members free access to our electronic tendering systems. We`ve compiled a list of practical tips for executive users… The framework is expected to be launched on Monday, August 14, 2017. Other competition submissions are available for Desktop Hardware Framework and Solutions and Supply of Network Infrastructure Framework. The new agreement on audiovisual equipment and installation services was awarded and launched on 1 March 2020. We would be very grateful if you were to participate in our CPC ICT Strategy Survey. Your responses help formulate CPC`s ICT strategy and define the scope of the new office hardware framework. We will soon publish a second user manual, this time for all those who make purchases from the financial department. Here too, the focus is on the most useful framework conditions on which we can focus and how to involve the suppliers involved or find the necessary instructions. It is an EU-compliant framework with optimal value for money, which provides a single point of contact for the telecommunications requirements of members of twelve lots.

Desktop Hardware Framework audit meetings in March and April. CPC currently has the opportunity to put in place a framework for the provision of insurance and related services to academies and schools.

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