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October 1, 2021

Pip Franchise Agreement

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If an existing hotel does not meet the brand requirements that then applied to a branded hotel, it can become considerable – and expensive – renovations, new furniture and equipment as part of a new FLA. In the context of buying and selling, hotel buyers need enough time to maintain and reward PIP costs. As part of the FLA negotiations, it is recommended that the new franchisee negotiate with the brand the scope of the PIP as well as the date of completion of the PIP. The brand may exclude or delay the implementation of certain PIP components, depending on how other renovations have recently been completed, the type of hotel itself (i.e. location, age or product type, especially for low fires) or other factors that support the exception. If the franchisor agrees to the sale of the hotel, the agreement generally entitles the franchisor to ask the buyer to request a franchise from the franchisee and pay the application fee, (ii) to accept the conclusion of a new home improvement plan (PIP) at the hotel, and (iii) to execute the franchisor`s current franchise agreement. Franchisee candidates must meet certain standards for financial resources and hotel operating experience. As a general rule, the franchisee does not accept the sale of a hotel to a competitor of the franchisee. When the owner/franchisee proposes to sell the hotel to a competitor of the franchisee, the franchisor usually has the right of pre-emption to acquire the hotel at the same price as that offered to the competitor or to terminate the franchise agreement. The franchisor may exercise its right to purchase the hotel if the hotel is of strategic importance to the brand.

PIP, Inc. does not provide related offers, services or products. All offers, services and products are provided by PIP Centers. Although PIP, Inc. may host, develop, maintain or operate certain websites or websites on behalf of PIP Centers, PIP Centers operate as separate legal entities under franchise agreements between them and PIP, Inc. You are not a representative or employee of PIP, Inc. You may not speak on behalf of PIP, Inc. or on our behalf or to bind PIP, Inc. to any contract or obligation.

PIP, Inc. is not responsible for any acts or omissions of PIP Centers, including, but not limited to, the provision of offers or the performance of related services or products placed by you through a PIP Center website or other pip Center website or site. . . .

Paying Agent Agreement Luxembourg

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a withholding tax (payable by the issuer in the event of distribution, under a given tax treaty, etc.) the organisation of a central clearing system (Clearstream and Euroclear); and as long as the certificates are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the rules of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange so require, the depositor undertakes to request the Luxembourg paying agency to publish all notifications to certificate holders in a daily newspaper generalised in Luxembourg. The calculating agent shall inform all parties concerned, provide detailed information on the calculation of interest due on fixed-income bonds or on the basis of the formula for variable-rate or variable-rate securities or the yield on asset-backed securities. . . .

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